21ème Séminaire Franco-Polonais de Mécanique
du 13 au 15 Juin 2013 Université de Perpignan Via Domitia

21th French-Polish Seminar of Mechanics
13-15 June 2013 University of Perpignan, France


Thursday, June 13


Accueil des participants

Cérémonie d’ouverture
Opening Ceremonie

11:00 Conférences :
Oral presentations :

Chairman : Czeslaw I. Bajer

11:00 M. Shillor Thermoelastic contact problems  with speed and temperature dependent friction coefficient
11:30 J. Bajkowski Properties and modeling of magnetorheological clutch with reduced residual magnetization
12:00 F. Auléry Analysis of turbulent kinetic energy in channel flow with high thermal gradient

12:20 - 14:00 : Lunch

14:00 - 18:30        Chairman :  Maciei Bodnicki

14:00 G. Le Palec Modeling of atmospheric dispersion of pollutants
14:20 M. Sanchez Comparison of RANS turbulence models for the simulation of highly turbulent flow across rooftop ventilators
14:40 J. Kroczak

Analysis of the pitch deviation in involute splined connections
15:00 I. Malujda Thermal conductivity in the plasticization processes of natural polymers
15:20 P. Nardin Effect of internal pressure on permeation characteristics of polymers commonly used for liners in high pressure hydrogen tanks
15:40 G. Domek Description of timing belt coupling using a pendulum with variable coupling point

16:00 - 16:40 : Coffee Break

Chairman :   Ireneusz Malujda

16:40 A. Pręgowska Semi-active control of a rotating system
17:00 D. Wilczyński Research of design features pneumatic drive on kinematics structure of parallel manipulator tripod type
17:20 M. Śledziński Analysis of the influence of vibration isolation of impact tools on operator’s biomechanical loads
17:40 J. M. Bajkowski Transient response of a complex beam with granular filled sleeve
18:00 N.E. Benaouda Numerical and experimental study of a modular solar dryer
18:20 N. Taoussi Control of the Poiseuille flow by the Lattice Boltzmann method
18:40 M. Bajkowski Influence of the magnetorheological damper on the dynamics of the slide of special object

19:00 : Dinner

Friday, June 14


Chairman : Meir Shillor

09:50 C.I. Bajer Reduction of vibrations induced by a moving load
10:20 B. Dyniewicz Infinite domain under a moving load
F. Lebon
Modeling of stiff interfaces : from statics to dynamics

11:00 M. Barboteu A viscoelastic contact problem with multivalued normal compliance and unilateral constraint
11:20 A. Ramadan A bilateral contact problem with non-monotone friction
11:40 F. Patrulescu Penalization of contact problems with unilateral constraints
12:00 A. Farcas A frictional contact problem involving history-dependent operators

12:20 - 14:00 : Lunch

Chairman : G. Le Pallec

14:00 L. Elias-Birembaux
Thermomechanical modelling of aircraft tyre cornering
14:20 M. Giergiel
Kinetics of small caterpillar robot
T. Podolski Simulation of 3D models with form deviations in I-DEAS software
15:00 F.-Z. Aklouche
A numerical study of flame-wall interaction for a premixed turbulent combustion with C-equation
15:20 G. Domek Shafting bushes pulleys as an example of axially symetric connections in mechanical engineering
15:40 M. Bodnicki Miniature electromagnetic actuators based on new magnetic materials

16:00 - 16:30 : Coffee Break

Chairman : Jerzy Bajkowski

16:40 M. Makowski Numerical Investigation of vibration control in mechanical structures with MR and PZ Dampers
17:00 K. Kherbache Modeling of a water flow over stepped spillways
17:20 R. Zalewski
Bouc-Wen model for MR and special granular dampers
17:40 K. Talaśka
The thermal conductivity-experimental studies of thermal processes in woodworking
18:00 S. Benouaguef Effect of aspect ratio on the doad to chaos in a tilted cavity
18:20 M. Bajkowski Analysis of effect of pulse generated by the special object 12,7 mm equipped in magnetoreological damping system on the thoracic spine
18:40 F. Mezali
Simulation d'un écoulement dans une conduite à motifs périodiques convergent-divergent par la méthode de Lattice Boltzmann

19:00 : Dinner

Saturday, June 15

BÂT. B 2ème étage



Table Ronde :
Méthodes numériques en mécanique des Fluides, animé par B Zeghmati

Panel Discussion :
Numérical methods on Fluid Mechanics animated by B. Zeghmati

Réunion du Comité d'Organisation
Meeting of the Organizing Committee


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