21ème Séminaire Franco-Polonais de Mécanique
du 13 au 15 Juin 2013 Université de Perpignan Via Domitia

21th French-Polish Seminar of Mechanics
13-15 June 2013 University of Perpignan, France


A numerical study of flame-wall interaction for a premixed turbulent combustion with C-equation
Fatma-Zohra Aklouche, Toufik Belmrabet, Sabiha Benouaguef, Soufiane Djellouli

Effect of aspect ratio on the road to chaos in a tilted cavity
Sabiha Aklouche-Benouaguef, Belkacem Zeghmati, Fatma-Zohra Aklouche

Analysis of turbulent kinetic energy in channel flow with high thermal gradient
Frédéric Aulery, Adrien Toutant, Françoise Bataille, Ye Zhou

Transient Response of a Complex Beam with Granular Filled Sleeve
Jacek Mateusz Bajkowski

Properties and modeling of magnetorheological clutch with reduced residual magnetization
Jerzy Bajkowski

Influence of the magnetorheological damper on the dynamics of the slide of special object
Marcin Bajkowski

Analysis of effect of pulse generated by the special object 12, 7mm
equipped in magnetoreological damping system on the thoracic spine

Marcin Bajkowski, Anna Florianczyk

A Viscoelastic Contact Problem with Multivalued Normal Compliance and Unilateral Constraint
Mikaël Barboteu, Mircea Sofonea

Numerical and experimental study of a modular solar dryer
N. Benaouda, Belkacem Zeghmati, Xavier Chesneau

Miniature electromagnetically actuators on basis of new magnetic materials
Maciej Bodnicki, Waldemar Kaszuwara

Description of timing belt coupling using a pendulum with variable coupling point
Grzegorz Domek, Marian Dudziak

Shafting bushes pulleys as an example axially symmetric connections in mechanical engineering
Grzegorz Domek, Andrzej Kołodziej

Modeling of stiff interfaces : from statics to dynamics
Serge Dumont, Frédéric Lebon, Raffaella Rizzoni

Infinite domain under a moving load
Bartłomiej Dyniewicz

Reduction of vibrations induced by a moving load
Bartłomiej Dyniewicz, Robert Konowrocki,Czesław I. Bajer

Thermomechanical modelling of aircraft tyre cornering
Lama Elias-Birembaux, Iulian Rosu, Frédéric Lebon

A frictional contact problem involving history-dependent operators
Anca Farcas

Kinetics of small caterpillar robot
Mariusz Giergiel, Konrad Majkut

Modeling of a water flow over stepped spillways
Khedidja Kherbache, Xavier Chesneau, Stéphane Abide,Saâdia Benmamar

Analysis of the pitch deviation in involute splined connections
Jacek Kroczak, Marian Dudziak

Modeling of atmospheric dispersion of pollutants
Georges Le Palec

Numerical Investigation of vibration control in mechanical structures with MR and PZ Dampers
Michał Makowski

Thermal conductivity in the plasticization processes of natural polymers
Ireneusz Malujda, Adam Marlewski, Krzysztof Talaśk

The thermal conductivity - experimental studies of thermal processes in woodworking
Ireneusz Malujda, Krzysztof Talaśka,

Simulation d’un écoulement dans une conduite à motifs périodique convergent-divergent
par la méthode de Lattice Boltzmann

Farouk Mezali, Saadia Benmamar, Rami Bouffenech, Zakaria Ilyes Djamai

Effect of internal pressure on permeation characteristics of polymers
commonly used for liners in high pressure hydrogen tanks

Philippe Nardin, David Chapelle, Dominique Perreux, Frédéric Thiébaud

Penalization of contact problems with unilateral constraints
Flavius Patrulescu

Simulation of 3D models with form deviations in I-DEAS software
Tomasz Podolski, Jacek Kroczak, Marian Dudziak

Semi-active control of a rotating system
Agnieszka Pręgowska, Bartłomiej Dyniewicz, Czesław I. Bajer

A bilateral contact problem with non-monotone friction
Ahmad Ramadan, Mikaël Barboteu

Comparison of RANS turbulence models for the simulation of highly turbulent flow
across rooftop ventilators

Marc Sanchez, Adrien Toutant, Françoise Bataille

Thermoelastic Contact Problems with Speed and Temperature
Dependent Friction Coefficient

Meir Shillor

Analysis of the influence of vibration isolation
of impact tools on operator’s biomechanical loads

Michał Śledziński

Control of the Poiseuille flow by the Lattice Boltzmann method
Naas Taoussi

Research of design features pneumatic drive on kinematics structure
of parallel manipulator tripod type

Dominik Wilczyński, Marian Dudziak

Bouc-Wen model form MR and special granular dampers
Robert Zalewski

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